Cell game, similar to agar.io. Avoid the poisonous balls.

Feeding Your Inner Dragon-bot: A Robot that Helps Children Select Healthy Foods

In a 3-week field study with 26 elementary school children, the health intervention of a robotic toy dragon provided information about healthy eating choices.

A brief description of the project using d3.js dynamic graphs.


Social Robots as Lecturers for Online Video Instruction

In a 2 (lecturer type: robot or human) x 2 (visual realism: virtual or nonvirtual lecturer) study, 40 participants viewed an online lecture from a MOOC in which the "talking head" was either a human, a virtual human, a robot or a virtual robot.

The chart below plots their rating of the "presence" of the lecturer (y-axis) by participant (x-axis), with how much the participant liked the lecturer as the size of the circle. Ratings are on a 1-10 point Likert scale. Coding of colors: red - human; green - virtual human; blue - robot; purple - virtual robot.